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Eco Restaurant Boat / Multi-Hulls

Multihulls available in three sizes
Catamaran 24’ x 8’Ft       Trimaran 24’ x 12‘Ft        Quadraman 24’ x 16’Ft

24 X 4 Ft FRP hulls with positive buoyancy incorporated in sandwich construction bonded by gi pipes & both side laminated FRP marine Ply deck. Above deck Custom design modifications possible.


Solar Panelling & Electric Outboard Propulsion, Lights & Music System, Console Steering System, Toilet & Bathroom, Cabin, AC & Generator, Buffet Stand

House Boat / Palace Boat

28’ x 11’ Ft FRP hull with positive buoyancy incorporated in sandwich construction, AIR Cooled. Restaurant Model Capacity 20 + 1 Persons

House Boat Model – Bed Space, Seating, Lights & Music System Console Steering System, Toilet, Kitchenette.

Options: Electric Outboard Propulsion or Petrol Outboard Engine