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Trainee Kayak / Sprint Canoe / Electric Kayak

(Capacity One 1 Person)

FRP Trainee Kayak – Food Controlled Rudder System for Beginners
FRP Sprint Canoe –Specs as per regulation
Electric Kayak – Rotomoulded, 12V 0.75 HP (40 Lbs) integrated Motor

Multipurpose Boat

13’ LOA 4.5 Ft Beam

Weight: 100 Kg
Capacity: 5 Persons
Max Engine: 2 to 8 HP

Modular Jetty / Pontoon

HDPE 500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm Modular Floating Cubes with railings, gangway, for various purposes including boat Jetty, Floating Stage, Fisheries & Solar Power Generation.